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Group 4: (Question 1)= What if you choose to abandon a group and in turn place its members in some form of danger—not necessarily physical? Upon what criteria would you make this decision?
Example discussions: *Say a teacher reports a student or teacher issues and the administrator sweeps it under the rug!
*“knowledge of inappropriate behavior” but not choosing to address and sweeping under rug can lead!
*Handbook has to protect people!
*School-wide procedures
*Ethics/culture= GROUP would we do things differently for a Mexican?
These do not have a clear cut answer. Everything with administration is situational! What comes first for each individual situation? Safety? Students? Distress? Conditions? Money? Cultural norms?

(Question 2)= What relevance do these two questions have for a future principal, who will be leading a staff and who will be a part of an administrative team?
“We have to be fair to all groups, follow district laws and procedures, and be human and understanding”
“Must make decisions based on safety, students, and the betterment of the school culture”
“Leadership in a situation like that is so critical” “Someone must take responsibility” “Extreme Ownership”
“Great leaders must stick with it or fix it a problem instead of deviating from it”
“Must have the ability to set purpose aside at times in order to respect human values”
“If you want change you must ask yourself: Does it support ideas that are different?”
What is objective number 1 and 2 for school leaders? Agree with the leader or go on with him/her? OR Leave the group and leave the group fragmented? Autocratic leader model, Unguided missile theory, Play it again model

“I feel that what happened with the Sadhu is a good example of the breakdown between the individual ethic and the corporate ethic. Willing to help if not ‘too inconvenient’! “Throwing money—in this case food and sweaters—at it, but not solving the fundamentals!
Distress of weather, death, safety, conditions… in this case… make the cultural differences and barrier a problem. Let’s save a person because it is a great value for people. Life is more important than an organizations goals/values. Corporation, boss, leader…all these people or groups are there because they are experts. In the field of ethics… one thing against leader/boss. No one is expert in ethics and no order that encompasses everyone’s beliefs can work correctly. Ethics are reserved for the individual and say I must have the last say.
Corporate ethics cannot be reduced to individual ethics. (shared purpose and shared values for organization) Must have the ability to set purpose aside in order to respect human values. Ethical dilemma (Parable genre)
Individual within organization thinks something is unethical that the organization is going to do.
“Pick and choose your fights, timeframe behind the crisis can make it difficult”

Toni Gillum, Codie Ward, Dakota Taylor
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