[Ous-lp-rp13] Follow-up

Larson, William larsonw at ohio.edu
Sun Aug 25 10:16:46 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone!

I appreciated the opportunity to engage in learning with you yesterday. The attention that you directed to the contents of the seminar was particularly valued.

The EDAD 6400, The Principalship, course, while in the fifth seminar, is, in many respects, at the apex of your six semesters journey to become a school administrator.

The course may be the most challenging in the program. Among other things, you are being expected to synthesize and exhibit the information and constructs found in the courses from the previous four semesters.

You might question whether you need to learn, synthesize, and exhibit the information and constructs. You will be a better administrator if you make a solid effort to this end.

For that matter, learning, synthesizing, and exhibiting the information and constructs will increase the likelihood that you will pass the Educational Leadership version (015) of the OAE.

I hope that the reminder of the weekend will be pleasant for you. In addition, I am already planning for and looking forward to the September seminar.

Until then, Bill

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