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Nick, Jessica, Dustin

   - Which should have prevailed, the original goal of crossing the
   mountain or the needs of Sadhu?
      - Ultimately, McCoy regretted his decision to pass the Sadhu on to
      the other hikers on the trail. Regardless of what would have happened
      (whether the Sadhu lived or died), we don't believe that McCoy would have
      regretted helping the Sadhu to safety. As such, the needs of the Sadhu
      should have prevailed.
   - Should a leader reassess a vision/goal when confronted with new
   circumstances? How might this question apply to a principal and school?
      - A leader should always be flexible enough to reassess the school's
      vision and change course when necessary. The procedure involves
creating a
      vision, planning, pursuing the vision, and adapting. If something is not
      working, new circumstances arise, or new information becomes
available, the
      vision should shift accordingly. A vision should be a living
statement and
      should grow and be shaped by the movement of its institution.

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