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Brittany, Angie, Sam, Amanda


1.      Give directions

2.      Teach students to over-learn material

3.      Teach students to use visual images and other memory strategies

4.      Give teacher-prepared handouts prior to class lectures

5.      Teach students to be active readers

6.      Write down steps in math problems

7.      Provide retrieval practice for students

8.      Help students develop cues when storing information

9.      Prime the memory prior to teaching/learning

10.  Review material before going to sleep

 Effective strategies: use a checklist or helpful mnemonic, such as MIRRORS
(Adapted from Rafoth, 1993):

·         Model strategy and explain how to carry it out.

·         Inform students when and how to use it.

·         Remind them to use it.

·         Repeat the strategy for practice.

·         Outline why the strategy is useful.

·         Reassess students' performance when using the strategy.

·         Stress the generalization of the strategy to other appropriate
activities, content areas, settings (other classrooms and at home) and over
time. (Provide opportunities for students to practice using a strategy
under these different conditions.)


1.      Inhibits

2.      Poor diet

3.      Nutrition

4.      Lack of sleep

5.      Hot environment

6.      Stress factors and social surroundings
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