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Cognitive Perspective on Learning:

·         Learning is an active mental process, and in order for learning
to occur, students must be engaged and attend to the information that is
being presented

·         Long-term memory is obtained when students are able to apply what
they have learned to real world situations.

·         There are several factors that inhibit the learning process such

o   Poor diet and nutrition

o   Lack of sleep

o   Environmental factors (interaction between teacher and student, stress,
social surrounding)

o   Individual differences in learners (attitude, ignorance to learn,
readiness to learn)

o   Trauma

Strategies to Enhance Learning:

·         Activating prior knowledge

o   KWL Chart

o   Reviewing previously taught materials

o   Anticipatory set

§  Bell ringers

§  Videos

§  Warm-up activities

·         Advanced organizer

o   Guided notes

o   Power points

·         Field Trips

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