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·         Working Class Schools

o   Very rigid

o   Behaviorism

o   Teacher centered classroom

o   Rote memorization

o   Step by step

o   Learning is the responsibility of the students

o   Little student choice

o   Students are like robots

o   Little to no parent involvement

o   transactional

·         Middle Class School

o   Work is getting the correct answer

o   Behaviorism

o   A good grade comes from  getting enough right answers

o   Some free choice in decision making

o   Little to no creativity in students

o   Moderate parental involvement

o   Transactional

·         Affluent Professional

o   More creativity among students

o   Real world problem based learning

o   Less rigidity

o   Transformational

·         Executive Elite

o   Teacher is coach and students are actively creating their learning

o   Students are encouraged to challenge answers

o   Higher level thinking

o   Students come ready to learn and basic needs are already met

o   Transformational

*Codie Ward*

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*4th Grade Language Arts and Science*
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*1 Peter 3:18*
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