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Informative knowledge is held indefinitely in the long term memory.
Information needs to enter working memory before it can be stored into the
long term memory. Many factors can affect long term memory. Lack of sleep,
poor diet,  stress, and peer groups can inhibit information being stored in
the long term memory.

There 10 suggested strategies to enhance long term memory. Some of these
include things that you may already be implementing in your own classroom.
Some examples are, mnemonics, mental imagery, addressing multiple learning
styles. teach students to "overlearn" material, constant review, and prime
the memory prior to teaching/learning.

Some human factors that inhibit learning are a student's defense mechanism,
such as, denial, repression, projection, an students overall feeling of
safety in their classroom.

Some factors that inhibit student learning are a sufficient time learning,
classical teaching practices, lack of teaching effort, and the overall
attitude of the teacher in the classroom,

We as teachers can inspire or squash a child's want for education.
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