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Working class type schools are procedurally based.  Students make very
little decisions and are required to conform to the rules and guidelines.
Rote memorization and rehearsal are common mechanisms used in learning.
Individualism is not encouraged

Middle-class schools are asked to follow direction to get the right
answers.  Using directions to figure out the answers. Little analysation is
used with learning.  Teachers are instructing through the use of textbooks,

Affluent Professional Schools have creative activity carried out
independently.  The students are continually asked to express and apply
ideas and concepts. Teachers are instructing using hints that allow
students to be more independently creative.  Teachers are not likely to
give direct orders. The right answer is not the desirable goal, the
experience and situation analysis is focused on instead.

Executive Elite  schools allow students the most open climate for
learning.  Creation and constructivism is the type of learning that takes
place.  Teachers tend to provide minimum direct instruction, but set up the
learning environment that will allow students to be in control of the

 Jean Anyon’s “Social Class and the Hidden Curri...

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