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*Mary, Amy, Saretta, Danielle*

*1.) **Reasons why charm and shrewdness might and might not contribute to a
healthy climate:*

Charm might not contribute to healthy climate because not everyone
appreciates or is affected by it.  Charm can be misconstrued for being
disingenuous.  Charm can be healthy when used at the “right” times with the
”right” people

Shrewdness (being analytical/intuitive) might not contribute to a healthy
climate because it can be perceived as one passing judgment.

Charm and shrewdness can be healthy when used at the “right” times with the
”right” people. It is situational. As a leader it is important to know your
staff’s personalities

*2.) **Challenges for maintaining openness with faculty:*

There is a thin line between being open and honoring confidentiality.
(Perhaps it’s not a good idea to be a principal in a district where you
work? It would definitely be a challenge.)

*3.) **Reasons why we would or would not want to provide leadership for a
healthy environment.*

Healthy climate is so very important. We think we would definitely want to
provide leadership that promotes a healthy climate.  Healthy things
flourish and thrive.
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