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Hi Codie, Jessica, Molly, and Tony!

I apologize for the tardiness of this message. I had a challenging and time-consuming university project to address on the Sunday after our Saturday class session.

In addition, this has been the first week of the academic year and the fall semester. For that matter, I have three meetings in Athens tomorrow, which may result in additional projects for me to address during the Labor Day weekend.

Thanks are offered for your responses to the prompts, which were offered, regarding the aspects and importance of a healthy school climate. You did well. In fact, I plan to incorporate your responses with the others for inclusion in the September 15 agenda and more discussion about school climate.

Regardless, I hope that you have a pleasant holiday weekend.

Until then, Bill

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Jessica, Molly, Tony, Codie

Charm can be helpful when interacting with people, but can only go so far due to it being "surface-level."  Shrewdness is longer lasting and will help build trustworthiness and show that you are going to be beneficial to reaching set goals.
Openness is most effective after positive relationships are built with stakeholders.  In the absence of positive relationships and trust, openness my be offensive to the stakeholders.  This goes along with the long known idea that "the truth hurts."  The reason that we would want to provide leadership for a climate would be to show the stakeholders that they are valued and necessary for the organization to be successful.
Happiness is a proper balance of preparation and recreation.
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