[Ouretail] Fwd: internship opportunities for retail majors

paulins at ohio.edu paulins at ohio.edu
Thu Apr 16 01:21:49 EDT 2009

Hi Retail Merchandising students,

Your colleague, Jessica Izzi shared the following with me about an internship 
(HCRM 499) contact in LA, CA.  Jessica's email is <ji422005 at ohio.edu> if you 
would like to learn more from her.

Stacey Lazar
Lingerie Showroom
suite #B1081
Los Angeles, CA 90079
email: lingerieshowroom at aol.com
#: 213-627-6572
this is an internship opportunity to work in the fashion district in downtown
Los Angeles

sublet.com - housing info for LA
midway car rentals- this rental agency rents to people under 25 and for long
periods of time. please say 
jessica izzi referred you!

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