[Ouretail] work experience/internship at O'Blenness Gift Shop

(Virginia) Ann Paulins paulins at ohio.edu
Thu Oct 2 12:19:08 EDT 2008

RM students,
Cody Baker recently completed the HCRM 499 internship at the O'Bleness 
Hospital Gift Shop. This is a site in Athens that works for 399A, 399B, and 
499, depending on hours you would work and project you would do.

Consider applying!!!

Dr. P

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Date: Thursday, October 02, 2008 8:48 AM -0400
From: Pat Vogt <pvogt at obleness.org>
To: Ann Paulins <paulins at ohio.edu>
Subject: Student

Just want to let you know that we would love to have another student and
hope that someone will be interested.  I would prefer not to have a 40 hour
a week student as I feel I can't keep them as busy and they spend a lot of
hours working the gift shop.  Although, if this is fine with them, then it
is fine with me.
Thanks again-I hope your quarter is going well.

Pat Vogt
Gift Shop and Donor Relations Manager
O'Bleness Memorial Hospital
Weatherby's Gift Shop

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