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OCEES upcoming events

1)      Wednesday February 7th 11:50 Irvine 159, OCEES Ecolunch James Nassif Biological Sciences, Morphological disparity in dinosaurian ear ossicle: a first look.

2)      Friday, February 9th 12:00 The Ridges Building 22, Room 221 Voinvovich School Lunch and Learn Series - Rebecca Swab, Director of Wildlife Restoration Ecology at the Wilds.

3)      Friday February 2nd 11:50 Porter 104 PBIO Seminar Margaret Pooler, US National Arboretum. Genetic diversity of Magnolia ashei characterized by SSR markers

4)      Tuesday, February 13th Irvine 159, BSGS Seminar Series. Zakee Sabree Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology Ohio State University. Insect-Bacterial Symbioses or The Consequences of Intimacy

5)      Wednesday February 14th 11:50 Irvine 159, OCEES Ecolunch Anthony Gilbert, Biological Sciences. Thermal ecology of Urosaurus ornatus.

6)      Registration for Student Research Expo is open. Due to the overwhelming number of students last year there are rumors of a cap in the number of posters that will be accepted this year. Take home message is to have your students register ASAP to make sure they get a slot. More info and registration material at www.ohio.edu/studentexpo<https://ohio.us5.list-manage.com/track/click?u=db16a123a2bbcb0732e1b3a8a&id=00f1af915f&e=fdee6bec2e>. Registration end on February 28th.

7)      Only, one person has volunteered / nominated to be the assistant-director of OCEES, pending approval of the Board the new assistant director
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