[Emeritiassoc] On-the-Green May 30-31

Edward Baum baum at ohio.edu
Tue May 20 07:19:36 EDT 2014

Emeriti Folk,

There's an old saying, "Each one, teach one." It was coughed up by 
people who wanted to interest others in whatever they (the 
thinkers-uppers of the saying) wanted to promote. It fits us perfectly. 
If each of us would call a former student with whom we keep in touch, a 
former colleague, an Emeriti member living away from here (or even right 
around here), or some other friend we would like to see, and invite him 
or her to our May 31^st reception for the On the Green Weekend, we could 
bring a BIG crowd to share the day. Our reception (open to all who wish 
to come) is 10:30 a.m.-12 noon.  It is free and has a very nice menu 
being presented by Baker Center Catering.  All we have to do is stand 
around and be charming. While you're at it, tell your callee about the 
barbecue on the College Green from noon to 1:30. It costs $20, and a 
person should register online for that so enough supplies are ordered. 
Tell your callee(s) to stop by our Emeriti tent at the barbecue.

Each one teach one (or more).

Tell people to register at ohio.edu/alumni/onthegreen or by calling 
740-593-4300, or by sending an e-mail to alumni at ohio.edu.


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