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Hi bros,

Here's some announcements for the upcoming weeks:

*Nelsonville Winter Clothes Drive*: So, I think it will be really helpful
to post on your Facebooks before you go home, since many of us are friends
with a lot of families/moms/dads. I've written a script that you guys can
use (if you want) or write one yourself. Either way, reach out to your
friends and family at home! I also asked both my parents to send out mass
emails at their work places.

Here's what I wrote:

Hello mom friends of Pittsburgh! (And all friends 😊) my service
fraternity, APhiO, is taking part in a winter clothes drive for some of the
surrounding towns by OU! So, if you have any gently used coats, boots,
hats, gloves, scarves, etc (kids and adults) that you’re looking to get rid
of, let me know! I will be home for Thanksgiving next Tuesday through the
following Monday. I am totally willing to drive to your house and get them!
Thanks in advance, and feel free to share this! I’d love to have a large

Feel free to use this with your respective cities and whatnot!

*Here's a message from Allison about her organization Bobcat HART:* Another
awesome and unique service opportunity for you all this weekend! Bobcat
HART, a student org that helps local animal sanctuaries, wants to do a
joint service event with us on Sunday, Nov. 18th. They are great about
carpooling, so if you don't have a car have no fear, someone will be able
to drive you.

The service event is at Bella Run Equine, a horse and dog rescue located
about 15 minutes from campus. They are always looking for help cleaning the
barn and sometimes they allow volunteers to brush the horses too.

The event is already up! Scheduled for 3 hours, but the more people who
come and help the quicker we will get the job done! Be sure to indicate if
you can drive in case we need an extra car or two. Great way to get some
hours in before we head off for Thanksgiving!

Also, Kaitlyn and I have recently heard from a few people that are
interested in a *Give Kids the World trip*. Unfortunately, it is too late
to plan one for winter break. However, if people are interested we could
definitely plan a spring break trip! I will explain more about this/what
GKTW is at chapter on Sunday, but if you're interested, start thinking
about it. We will need a DEFINITE list of enough people before winter break
if we are to plan one, though.

Lastly, if you are in need of NSEC or service hours, sign up for dodgeball
this Saturday! Yes, you heard me right, if you already have your NSEC
hours, these can transfer to regular old service hours. So, come out and
see Kaitlyn become aggressively competitive about dodgeball. I have no
doubt that it will be quite entertaining.

Sign up for blood drive tabling! and as always, reach out to us now if you
are struggling with hours.

See you Sunday!

*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

*Monica Bollinger *

*Kaitlyn Moran *
*440.552.0770     *

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