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Hi Bros!

I hope your week is going great! We only have a bit longer before Turkey
Day :)

This e-mail is about our *APhiO sponsored blood drive on November 28th from
12 to 6 PM. *There is a lot of information and potential hours associated
with this event, so please read all the way through!

Events for the blood drive include:

1. Tabling before the drive: table at Baker and encourage people to sign up
on the google doc to donate blood. At least one person needs to bring a
-Thursday (tomorrow) November 15th: 12-5 PM
-Friday, November 16th: 12-5 PM
-Monday, November 19th: 12-3 PM
-Monday, November 26th: 12-5 PM
-Tuesday, November 27th: 12-5 PM

2. Physical Flyering the week of the drive (November 25th): hang up 10
flyers around campus for 1 hour! Take pictures and send an e-mail to
service. Flyer is attached.

3. Digital Flyering on Tuesday, November 27th and Wednesday, November 28th:
post to 5 social medias for 1/2 service hour. Do it twice to get a full
hour! Flyer is attached.

4. Donate food to the blood drive on November 28th: The American Red Cross
provides water, juice, and Nabisco snacks. Consider donating cookies,
brownies bites, pop cans, chips bags, etc. the day of the drive for 1
service hour.

5. Work the blood donor reception table at the drive on November 28th: We
need two people per hour to work the table and help people sign in and
distribute reading material.

6. Donate blood at the drive! It is best to sign up on the google doc:
for an appointment. However, you are free to walk in on the day of the
drive. Donating (or attempting to) is 2 hours!

7. Get two friends to sign up on the google doc to donate blood: Screen
shot the google doc and point out your two friends and send an e-mail to
get 1 hour.

As you guys can see, there is a ton of hours associated with the blood! So
those of you who still need service hours, please take advantage of these
opportunities and get your hours. I really want this blood drive to be
successful, so please help out through one (or more!) of these events.

Please reach out with any questions. Call or text me: (440) 552-0770.

Thank you,

Kaitlyn Moran

*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

*Monica Bollinger *

*Kaitlyn Moran *
*440.552.0770     *

Service map:
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