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Wed Nov 14 08:06:24 EST 2018

It's Wednesday my dudes,

Now that you've had a nice 3 day weekend to consider running for exec
board, here is my friendly little reminder to grab the bull by the horns
and get elected this Sunday!! Below are the positions getting elected
(pretty much everything) and nominated (two) and a brief outline of

*- Council (1)*
Review probation report and decide terms of probation/deactivation, attend
appeals and help make decisions (do not have to attend execs)

*-Fellowship (2)*
Put together fellowship events, work with family heads, design swag

*-OMBUDS (2)*
Solve conflicts within the fraternity confidentially, mid-semester review,
attend appeals, deal with financial aid

*-Charity Chairs (2)*
Pick a charity and put together some type of event for fall semester to
contribute to that charity, create events to prepare/fundraise

*-Service (2)*
Set up service events and lots of them! Create plenty of opportunities for
people to get their hours, collaborate with other organizations and the
Athens community

*-Fundraising (1) Nominations*
Come up with ideas to raise money for the chapter

*-President (1) Nominations*
HBIC, approve listserv emails, run chapter & execs

PLEASE make a point to talk to the current exec for any position you might
even be slightly interested in, you won't regret it! Feel free to talk to
myself as well and don't be afraid to fail! At the very least you'll get a
leadership hour for running! Your very own SAA ran for the exec board
~~twice~~ and was shot down before I finally got this position :') So
there's a little story of perseverance (or insanity).

With all that being said, run for exec board!


Mallory Walsh
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Sergeant at Arms
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