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Brothers, I've had several questions on this issue lately, so I think I need to address the issue of APO and politics directly.

I know there are a lot of passions about current issues among our brothers, but please remember that APO is a non-political, 501(c)3 entity and must steer clear of political advocacy. As a rule, chapters cannot take a political stance on either side of an issue, endorse candidates, advocate for one particular referendum over another, or volunteer on one side of a campaign.

You cannot as a chapter participate in events, protests, rallies, or marches in support of or against certain pieces of legislation or political issues, candidates, etc. You cannot get around the issue by counting “outside hours” when you participate in such events, or counting such events or participation as “fellowship events” or “leadership points” or the like.

This direction in no way prevents you as individuals from participating in such activities on your own. Speak up, voice your opinion, and work toward things that matter to you! This is your duty as participating citizens. When you do so, please leave your letters at home. As a group activity, chapters are encouraged to participate in civic duties such as voter drives that are apolitical and neutral. A number of suggested service projects are listed in the Pledge Manual.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any further questions about what may be an acceptable or unacceptable event.

Matt Bailey
Region 5 Chair
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