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*APhiO Chapter Minutes 10/16/16*


Turn in Winter Clothes Donations to Me :)

Nationals folks must register by Nov 7th before late fees, register before
Nov 5th if you want the full package

Anne Dillman, Kaitlyn Moran

Office Hours tomorrow 2-3pm in West 82

Pizza Party (By-Laws Night)! NEXT SUNDAY



Free Za!

2 Chapter Hours

Email will be sent out tonight about the night


Network Tailgating event is cancelled! (If you signed up for it you will
get your hour!)

How-to Event Tuesday November 1 at 7 pm! (Baker Theatre Lounge)

SMART Dialogue Series Wednesday November 2 at 11:30 am (Scripps Hall 212)

My committee: you won't get your Committee Hour until you give me
leadership hour ideas, unless you want to be on probation next semester!


Cat’s Pajamas - Clothing Swap Saturday, 9-6

Keep turning in sign ins

Hygiene Donations - Abby

Box Tops/Pop Tabs - Nicolette

Please come talk to us about running for Service VP


Rachel isn’t here so swaggo isn’t here sorry :/

If you want your swag text me to get it. It has been at 4 chapters so I’m
tired of carrying the boxes


Keep going to family events! We will be emailing family dishes for
thanksgiving dinner this week!


DP dough hours are up to date, if there are any issues please email the
fundraising account → fundraising.aphio.deltagamma at gmail.com

Another tabling opportunity for Pura Vida coming soon

Don’t forget about Yankee Candle

Come to me after chapter/email if you need help with setting it up

If you are having trouble getting your fundraising hours, come talk to
us!!! :)


Question of the Week: Is anyone struggling with getting the semester
requirements?  If so, what do we need more of?

Office Hours: 4:30-5:30 Thurs. Front Room

Come Get Our Signatures!

Mr. University - Team Alex, with Coach Rozsa

PRACTICE THURSDAY NIGHT!!! 6-8 (play by ear)

First time APhiO is being represented (so lets win this shiz).

We need volunteers who want to dance (Bobcathon peeps??), and know how to
have a good time - HOURS will be given to anyone who helps (I’ll make sure
of it)

Contact either of us (ASAP) and invite whoever you want!

(P.S.  I cannot discuss the details in full during this meeting, because we
have 2 bros who are helping the competition *cough Macy Merle, *cough
Emylee Smith)

THANKS GUYS (send emails and texts to us!)


Hi Im Maggie!

Pledges interview me!

Pledges give me your money

Website will be updated by Wednesday





-NSEC (1)



-Pledge Educators(2) - Madison Horvath and Hannah Longauer

-NSEC(2) - Emylee Smith

Membership/Pledge Educators

History Night November 17th (7:00-9:00)

Initiation December 2nd (7:00-9:00)

Follow me on twitter @hannnsandwich and vote what I should be for
HallOUween next year

Olivia has cards!

Charity Chairs

Thanks for everyone’s help with the candy-grams sales, we still have just a
few left so if anyone wants to buy one come see us after chapter

Come give us your Team Packard shirt money if you haven’t done so yet

There is an interest event on 11/1 that you need to sign-up for if you’re
bringing someone to the Charity Ball that is not in APhiO.

Keep an eye out for more hours coming your way

Grilled cheese donations will be accepted no later than Thursday night so
if you need to make alternative arrangements please shoot us an email.

National Event Chairs


Service week is right around the corner! Keep signing up for your hours
because you have to get two ;~)

Hit us up with questions and come get our signatures!

Faculty Pageant:

Q: Who makes up the faculty we could ask to be a part of the annual pageant?

A: Anyone who is affiliated by working with or for OU. Please be asking
your professors with the letter we sent you!! If you are nervous, Haley or
Maddie can assist you!:)

Let us know if you have found someone!

 We have one faculty member so far!


Attendance is up to date!! Wooooo


-Sorry I am unable to come tonight but I’ll have goodie bags for
bro/exec/pledge/happy birthday of the week next week!

-If you have any pictures from any aphio event
(service,leadership,fellowship,fundraising, etc.) this semester please
email me it! If it is more than 1 photo please email it to me as a file!


*Chapter Mins Quiz:*

 When is History Night?

When is Initiation?
Is the Network Tailgating cancelled?

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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