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Hello Brothers,

*Please try to read this whole email.*

Here it is, your briefing for next Sundays By-Law Day.

*Date:* November 6th

*Time:* 9pm-11pm

*Location:* Walter 135

*Attendance:* MANDATORY

*What do you get?* 2 CHAPTER HOURS AND PIZZA (plus the opportunity to be a
part of history and make a positive impact on the future success of our

Let me just start by thanking you all in advance for coming next Sunday.
This is going to be a historic vote in our chapter and could ultimately
change the future course and success of the organization.

This has been several years in the making, when I rushed as a Freshman, I
remember hearing about constitution issues and being really interested in
them. From there I did my best to learn the ins and outs of the chapter to
try and figure out how the problems could be fixed. What I learned is that
these problems have been an issue for roughly 6-10 years and although there
has been several attempts to try to ratify these issues, we have not been
so successful as a chapter. So we changed strategies.

Some of the issues included membership status, lack of clarity in the
document, contradictions from section to section and just in general the
rules outlined did not entirely fit the size of our chapter. We have nearly
doubled in size in the last two years alone, and many of the rules were
overly subjective and promoted favoritism and unfairness.

So to combat these many issues, a committee of 11 active brothers was
formed to create a brand new governing document that we shall call our
By-Laws. They were members from each family meant to be representative of
the needs and wants of the whole chapter. The president and judicial board
did not have any influence on the decisions made by the committee as to
promote fairness and really figure out what the active chapter wanted from
our organization.

This brand new document will be the focus of our vote on November 6th. In
addition to this document, a “Policies and Procedures” manual outlines our
more specific processes and a ”Risk Management” manual have also been
developed. The trifecta of the three documents will secure how we are to
handle measures in the chapter.

I am really looking forward to the vote, and I am so thankful that we have
finally come to this moment. Below you will find an outline detailing some
of the biggest changes to the chapter structure, and other various changes
that we will be changing.

Please take time to read the list, and consider what is being proposed. On
Sunday, we will have a more in depth explanation of every change. As well
as a detailed explanation of how the vote is going to work that day.

Major Proposed Changes in the new By-Laws:

*Grade Related*

·      GPA requirement increased from a 2.0 to a 2.5

·      The procedure for turning in grades is more official

*Position/Board Related*

·      A new Judicial Board will be composed of 3 members

·      We will only have one active member serving as our Sergeant at Arms

·      The Committee of Internal affairs (CIA) will serve as a “check” on
the decisions made by the judicial board if the active brother in question
requests it

·      If the brother is still unhappy with the outcome, they can take the
final “Check” to the chapter

·      You can officially appeal any membership related decisions

*Attendance and Hour Requirements*

·      Members will be docked chapter hours for not attending our mandatory
events without a university excused absence

·      We have added a new leadership hour requirement (1 hour)

·      You can only donate actual money for ONE fundraising hour

·      You can only rollover hours from fundraising that are physical
service rather than buying something. For example: Grilled Cheese Sale
booth worker vs. buying swag or donating $10

If you have any questions between now and next Sunday, please reach out to
Judicial board or myself.

In Leadership, Friendship and Service,

Sarah Bell

Jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

President.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

*Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
*Delta Gamma Chapter*

*Sarah Bell*
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