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Hey guys! This message is really just for people who do dog walking. If
that's not an event you do or think you might do in the future then you can
ignore this message. If you do do dog walking, please read this message
from the shelter! These are just some updates and reminders that the
shelter wants all of their volunteers to be aware of so that the puppers
stay safe and well taken care of! This isn't directed at APhiO volunteers
in particular, just a reminder for all volunteers.

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Subject: Volunteer Issues and Concerns
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This email is going out to all of the Ohio University groups that volunteer
at our shelter. We have been having increasingly more problems with
volunteers. We have been unable to determine which groups the volunteers
are coming from so we wanted to send the information out to everyone.

First, All volunteers MUST come in person to fill out their form. Forms are
approved on Tuesdays. No one can volunteer until their form is approved.
(This has actually gotten slightly better.)

Second, when your volunteers come in to fill out their forms, they receive
a "rules and expectations" sheet. On this handout, it clearly states the NO
TWO DOGS can ever be outside together at any time. NEVER have two dogs
together. We would appreciate it if you would go over this several times in
your meetings.

In the last 3 weeks we have had several (more than 3) dog fights caused by
volunteers. This has resulted in a seriously injured dog that is now unable
to be adopted because of his injuries. He has been seen by a vet and will
continue to be cared for until he heals so that he can be adopted out.

If we continue to have these problems, the volunteers causing them will be
asked to leave the shelter permanently.

Lastly, some of you are really good at teaching your volunteers how to
volunteer here. You are not limited to walking dogs. In fact, you can bathe
dogs and help clean the shelter. This is very much appreciated by everyone
who comes to the shelter.

We use slip leashes as you all know. Its very helpful if you teach your
volunteers how to use them.

Thank you so much,

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