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*APhiO Chapter Minutes 10/16/16*


November 6th-- By-Laws Voting Day

-Two Chapter Hours (9-11pm)

-Free Pizza

-Chapter Announcements will be sent out via email that day

-One week prior to day, an email will be sent out that will explain some of
the things we are voting on

-This is a BRAND new governing document

-Attendance at Chapter this week, is MANDATORY

Anne Dillman, Kaitlyn Moran, Carissa Pace, and Tiffany Wurts

Office hours

Monday from 2-3pm in West 82



Coffee with a Pro - TOMORROW at 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

FREE coffee and engagement with Student Affairs

professionals / graduate students / alumni! (Baker Front Room Coffee)

Shadow a Pro - TUESDAY 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sign up and shadow a student affairs professional for a ½

a day. (sign up through link on the sign up page on the

website)! (location depends on who you sign up with)

Professional Leadership Workshop - TUESDAY 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Job skills and resume builder class w/ professional advisor. (Baker 366
behind escalators)

90 Minutes Series: A Conversation with Charlie Savage - Wednesday 8:00 pm
to 9:30 pm

Attend a Pulitzer Prize winner for The Boston Globe and communicate with
him in an hour and a half conversation in Morton 201

People who went to the service fair please bring me your pamphlets to
receive the Leadership Hour!


leadership.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

937-570-4558 (please use your full name!)



ATCO Halloween Dance this Friday!

Pumpkin Fest this Saturday woo!

Next Sunday - hygiene supply drive and Halloween candy drive!

If you have Dental Drive donations give them to me or Christina and make
sure your name is on the receipt!

GKTW - we may have a couple spots open! If you want to go tell me/Hannah
tonight and your first payment will be due by next chapter!

All sign ins should be updated! If somethings missing please email us ASAP
so we can get it fixed!


Forgot swag oops :/

Go to family events this week! There are a ton of fun ones up!


Reminder to get Yankee Candle profile setup

If you have questions about how to set it up see us after chapter!!

Grilled cheese sale is this thursday 10/20:

Sign up to give donations

We still need two more people to get donations and it's an easy fundraising
hour!! (use your swipes ppl)

We need to see our committee after chapter :-)

Sign up to table for pura vida

Not all the hours are filled yet, so sign up!

Great job guys, as a chapter we earned $172 which DP dough DOUBLED so our
total for the fundraiser was $344!!!

Email receipts to fundraising.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com until the 23rd :)


Question of the Week: Does everyone feel that they are able to get/going to
get their fundraising hours and charity chair hours? If not- why? If yes-
let us know too! We love all types of feed back!



Today’s the day!


Pledges, not you. Your day is

November 13th.


Elected next week!

Charity Chairs (2)

Service (2)

VP Membership

Nominated next week!

Judicial Board (1)

Pleducators (2)

NSEC (2)

Ombudsmen: Jake Stauffenger, Mallory Walsh, Callie Rozsa, and Zach Woods

Fundraising: Megan McCauley and Audra Swan

President: Alex Malcolm and Olivia Muskin

Membership/Pledge Educators

Laurels of Athens Nail Polish Drive on website for Oct. 30th

Laurels talent show...more information out… fundraising for Nancy to be a

Fright Night at Ping (on Website)

Need 5-10 volunteers per shift

Friday, Oct. 21 from 8:00 pm-11:00 pm

Snacks, games, pumpkins, fun!!

InDesign Experience?

Mandatory Events

History Night Nov. 17th and Initiation Dec. 2nd

Give me you GKTW Payments bc I want to lay in a bed of money

Charity Chairs

Sorry we couldn't be here tonight!

S/O to all the yogis who came on Thursday!  We raised $117.38!!

Sign up for the interest event (10/26) for your free Charity Ball T-Shirt!!
(make sure you include your size) & thanks for taking the survey! The
winning color was STONE BLUE!

Also we are selling Team Packard Shirts for $10, that would count as an
hour from us. Again, make sure you include your size.  That sign-up locks
next week after chapter.

National Event Chairs


Service week is comin’ up see ya in a min!!

We’ve got a slide show for you- u know you love us


Faculty Pageant:

Everyone should have received an email from us, with the invite to faculty
pageant for any faculty member who you think would enjoy participating in
the event! If not, let us know.

:) facultypageant.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com


Send me any cool pics you have!


-PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have have an nominations for the
weekly exec/bro/pledge of the week if you see anyone that stands out to you!

-Come get my signature!

Exec of the week

Mark May & Emily FLint!

Mark and Emily have been working so hard with their committee working on
bylaws and as well with managing elections! Thank you so much!

Bro of the week

Nina Yoke!

Nina has done so much with aphio and volunteering!She already finished her
service hours and is still going out of her to help the community! Thank
you so much Nina!

Pledge of the Week

Maddie Weir!

Even though Maddie didn’t sign up for a shift at the grilled cheese sale
this weekend, she still stepped up to help with supplies and help take it
home in her car when the fuse at crystal blew out that we were using for
the sale. Thank you so much Maddie!

*Chapter Mins Quiz:*

How much did we raise for DP Dough?

How much did we raise from yoga?

When is by-laws chapter?

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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