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Tue Oct 11 20:23:31 EDT 2016

Helloo lovely brothers,

First off, there are a bunch of hours on the website right now but not a
lot of people signed up so you should get on that before they fill up
because you ALLLLLL need your charity chair hour!  Just a reminder, you
need TWO hours-- ONE is from the charity ball (which is a mandatory event)
and ONE is from another fundraising event.  Going off of that, ***PLEASE
ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE EVENT/HOUR***.  There are people who are signed up for
multiple events right now and that's taking away the opportunity for
another bro to get their hour.  So please just pick one event and unsign up
for the rest.  This means if you're signed up for a tabling event, only
sign up for one shift please! You will eventually be able to come to other
events and get rollover hours but we really just want to make sure everyone
has a chance to get their hour first.

Second, if you're signed up for yoga this thursday here are a couple
- don't forget your mandatory $2 to participate (but feel free to donate
- please bring either a yoga mat or a towel because we will be in the grass
and it's supposed to rain that morning :(
- if it does rain....we'll keep you updated but it is supposed to clear up
*fingers crossed*
- our wonderful instructors would like to remind you to also bring water,
wear comfortable clothes, and that the routine is not going to be hard--
just relaxing!
- Feel free to bring friends that are not in aphio but it will still be $2
to participate

-- also if anyone has 2 foldable chairs they wanna hook us up with that
would be awesome <3

If you have any questions or concerns about anything charity chair related,
email us and let us know! More hours to come so get excited!!

Have a great week!

*Jake Metersky*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
Charity Chair

*Sammy Bullock*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
Charity Chair
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