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*APhiO Chapter Minutes 1/18/16*


Office Hours: Scripps 016 from 12-1pm on Thursdays

Execs 7pm on Thursdays in Copeland 101

List-serv issues?

Walter 135 for Chapter this semester

Committee Hours

Quick note about hazing

New positions

Attendance will be handled by Communications :)


Welcome Back!

LEADS certificates: Chloe A, Alli E, Caroline F, Emily F, Anna G, Dalton M,
Kaci M, Madison M, Clara P, Mallory W, Zach W, Nina Y. COME SEE ME!

Working on Getting LEADS course on campus

Elections: VP of Leadership (1), Jboard (1), Faculty Pageant (2),
Historian/Awards (1)

If you are interested please talk to me/the appropriate chair

Sectionals-April 8-10 @ Bowling Green

Leadership Seminars and Events TBA.


Sorry I couldn’t be at chapter, got stuck in Toledo for summer camp work :)
- Nicolette

ATCO Bowling information will be sent out this week

Scouting information is in the works

GOT SWABBED? drive from the 19th-21st at Ping! Sign up!

Dog Walking forms will be emailed out this week - if you plan on doing dog
walking this semester print it out and give it back to us

Give us sign ins/send them to the email!


Family Heads:

-2 each family

            -email by friday or we will choose them.

            -10 events throughout semester

            -great way to get more involved



            -laptop sticker

Big/Little Week!

DP dough and chill

Morton 237 Feb. 8th


Grover Atrium 1 Feb. 10th

Dessert Hangout

Walter 145 Feb. 11th



-We have a lot of new FUNdraising opportunities for this semester, so keep
looking at the website!

-DP Dough is on Monday, February 8th! GO SIGN UP NOW!

→ proceeds will be going to bros attending sectionals @ Bowling Green this

-FUNdraising Committee, meet in the front of the room for a quick meet &
greet after chapter tonight! Alayna Dill, Alexandria Keller, Alli Evans,
Jordyn Midcap, Tiffany Wurts, Natalie Bigler

HAVE A GREEEEEAAATTTTT 4 DAY WEEK bros/bobcates/babes <3


Queggestion Box!?

Themes of the Week

Financial Aid forms emailed out- turn in by 1/25!

Anonymous account: anonymous.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

password: athensaphio

Office hours: Thursday’s 12-1 @ Front Room


DUES $50

DUES = $55 ON JANUARY 31st

Payment plan? TALK TO ME!

Maggie Shaver

treasurer.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com



Welcome Back! We hope you all had a wonderful break

Please bear with us we have a lot to cover tonight

-Grades                                  -Associate/Early Alum

-Committes                             -Website/Listserv

-Appeals                                 -Constitution Update

-Attendance/Missed Mandatory Events

-Nominations/ElectionGrades are due tonight before midnight. Anyone who has
not sent them in or told us that they have a hold will be on academic
probation until we receive their grades.

Academic Probation: Similar to regular probation in that you can not take a
little, go associate, go early alum, go on any trips during the semester,
or hold an elected position. The difference is once we receive the grades
you are no longer on academic probation.

If you or someone you know has their name on our list please contact them
so we can receive their grades.

Associate and Early Alum Requests are due before midnight tonight. Expect
an email from us this week about your pending status.

Early Alum Requirements: None

Associate Requirements: In order for your status to be considered you must
email us and tell us what the associate requirements are so that we know
you are aware of what you have to do this spring. 1 Family Hour, 2 Faculty
Pageant Hours, 2 Service Week Hours, Pay Reduced Dues.

Committees: We emailed over the listserv everyone's committee assignment
and also shared with the execs who is on their specific committee. If you
do not know what your assignment is by the end of the week please email us
and we will let you know.

If you are on our committee expect an email next week about what we will be

Website: If you have any issues please let us know. We have total access
and can help you. Please note that all hours must be completed by the end
of the semester and if you realize that you will not be able to complete
any requirements please contact us before the end of the semester so we can
work with you.

If you know of anyone who has transferred or dropped please email us so we
have it on record and can follow up on it.

Listserv: If you are having problems receiving emails please email us and
we will work with you to get back on the email list. Also, by emailing us
that you are having problems will give more leniency when we conduct our
probation report if you are short hours.

Appeals: We have 15 appeals for this spring. In order to move chapter along
we will be holding appeals during execs this week. All actives are welcome
to come if you want to vote.

Constitution Updates: Thanks to the help from our committee last fall all
the updates have been made and we are hoping to have a constitution day to
vote on them by the end of the semester.Attendance and Missed Mandatory
Events is now exclusively being handled by the communications chair. If you
cannot make an event you will need to email the communications chair the
date of the event you can not attend, the reason why you will not make it,
and proof of your reason why.

Please note everyone is expected to attend membership events, the mandatory
service projects, and chapter.

Nominations will be 2/7/16

Elections will be 2/21/16

*Membership/Pledge Educators*

*PR Week*

Informal Rush: Tuesday 1/26 6-8 Baker Ballroom

Formal Rush: Wednesday 1/27 6-8 Walter Rotunda

** It is mandatory to come to at least one! **

Big/Little Applications

Big/Little Week + Reveal (must attend at least two events)


*Charity Chairs*

Some important dates this semester:

Bobcathon: 2/13 12:00pm-12:00am (Baker Ballroom)

Relay for Life: 3/18 6:00pm-6:00am (Walter Fieldhouse)

**both events max at 6 service hours**

Keep an eye out for a survey sometime this week to help decide on a country
to represent @ Relay.

If you have any questions about signing up for either event or ideas for
our charity event in the fall let us know! :)

*National Event Chairs*

Important Dates:

Youth Service Day: April 15th-17th

*Faculty Pageant*

Remember, you need TWO FP hours

We will be posting more soon!


-Check FB

Request off of work 2/22 ASAP

Committee members: be prepared

February 7th - t-shirt size sign-up


PR WEEK!!! I need you people.

Flyering and Chalking for rush…do it.

twitter: @aphiodeltagamma

insta: aphio_deltagama



Bro and Exec of the week start next week! Help a sista out!

Senior Sendoff video starting next week

Scrapbook Pages?

More info on lip-sync later in semester… Music?

PR WEEK! Help Kenzie out because shes awesome and we love APhiO

If you’re interested in running for Historian talk to me (and Megan)


AWARDS BANQUET: It’s on April 7th! I just put the event up on the website
so go sign up!

SENIORS: If you have not signed up for your cords yet on the website,
please go sign up! The event closes on January 31st!

New Members: If you just became a member last semester please go on the
website and sign up with your birthday! This event closes on January 24th.

*Chapter Mins Quiz:*

When are grades due?

What is the hashtag for Wednesday of PR week?

When is the Faculty Pageant?

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

Mackenzie Kistler
(440) 429-6720
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