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Fri Jan 17 14:11:19 EST 2014

Hey bros!

If you are interested in being a family head, please respond to this email
with your name and what family you are in.  Talk amongst your families on
the Facebook page if you need to!   Remember, each family NEEDS 2 family
heads. It isn't a huge time commitment and it's a great way to get
leadership experience, especially if you might run for an exec position in
the future!

If you have any questions or want more information about what being a
family head entails, send us an email!


*Emma Thompson*

*et649911 at ohio.edu <vv246109 at Ohio.edu>**412.877.8288*
*VP of Fellowship*

*Stephanie Snyder*
*ss143310 at ohio.edu <am232009 at ohio.edu>*
*VP of Fellowship*
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