[Aphio-L] Sectionals Registration Money

Jamie Roberts Mesha Baylis interchapter.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Wed Mar 20 20:25:10 EDT 2013

Hello all!

These are the people that still owe money for Sectionals Registration.  If
you registered after 3/1/13 then the cost went up $5 and that is why your
price is where it is at.  Also, if you paid Mesha between chapter and
today, your name may still be on here. Please pay this when you
register/sign-in at sectionals or at execs tonight or chapter on Sunday.


Bridget Stocker-20

Katie Conlon-25

Madison Koening-32.5

Max Weaver-25

Carissa Boring-32.5

Thea Cassudakis-25

Toya Burns-25

LaSosha Edwards- 25

Abigail Eppley-27.5

Robert Burke-25

Ali Cupelli-20

Annica Strickmaker-20

Emily Rospert-20

Caleb Howell-20

Madison Koening-20

Kristen Hencsei-20

Sarah Kollin-20

Matt Mensch-20

Melissa Petro-20

Mackenzie Snyder-20

Tori Carras-10

Camberly Oberlin-20

Maria Brafford-25

Kerry Crump-25

Samantha Rommel-25


Tori Turk-25

Sarah Kollin-25

Sarah Csongei-25

Ashley Angelo-25

Krystan Krucki-25

Jasmine Arnold-25

Maggie Greenwood-10

Kristina Flesher-25

Morgan Mitchell-25

Carolyn VanMatre-10

Maggie Harris-20

Tom Ehrman-20

Maddie Lorubbio-25

Laurie Ewart-25 (or 10 if you are unregistering)

Jimmie Wilson-25

Nancy Hooper-25

Loren Turner-25

Shannon Forsythe-25

Evan Bourelle-25

Nikki Baker-25

Caitlin Long-25

Alexandria Carroll-25

Michael? 25

Dominique Barnett-25

Erik Schauf-25

Joseph Leaonard-25

Sara Beyoglides-27.5

Victoria Vincent-27.5

Suzy Goralske-27.5

Eric Barwacz-27.5

Amanda Breedlove-27.5

Ciara Strittmather-27.5

Valerie Hudak-27.5

Dom Armelie-27.5

Brianna Washington-32.5

Rachel Grauer-32.5

Kiley Walker-32.5

Nate Freeman-32.5

Kelsey Davis-10

Toya Burns-20

Carolyn Gardner-20

Tyla Young-25

Inter-chapter Relations Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega Delta Gamma

Jamie Roberts
jr600809 at ohio.edu

Mesha Baylis
mb345109 at ohio.edu

Kayla Marks
*km221009 at ohio.edu*
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