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Hey bros,

So we've been getting a lot of questions about what the sectionals schedule
is, do you have to go to sectionals, do you have to get a sectionals hours
Here is a FAQ sheet about sectionals.
Do I have to register and go to sectionals?*
No, you do not HAVE to register for sectionals. It is not a mandatory
event. HOWEVER, it looks great if we have a bunch of bros attending
sectionals like the opening ceremony, section meetings, the dance, etc.
It's also a lot fun and a great experience, that you will probably never
get to have at Ohio University as an active bro again.

*Do I have to get a sectionals hour?*
Yes, you are required to get one hour of working sectionals. Either from
printing for sectionals, folder party for sectionals, donation for
sectionals. Something for sectionals. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN GOING TO
Do I get a sectionals hour for going?*
No, you can get your hour by doing something during sectionals, like
signing up to stay after and help clean up or signing up to come early and
help set up. SIGN UP! We have a giant pledge class and a ton of active bros
so we have worked it out so everyone will be able to get their hour, which
is why you don't have to get two hours anymore.

*I registered, what does that mean?*
It means you get a t-shirt, you get to go to all the events on the schedule
(listed below), you get to attend workshops, you get to go to section
meetings, you get to go to sectionals color wars and you get to have an
amazing experience.
What is the sectionals schedule?
6-9pm mocktail party [Baker Center]
Relay all night [Ping]

8 am sign in [Jeff Hall]
8:30 am opening ceremony [Jeff Hall]
9:15-12:30 workshops [Bently Hall]
12:30-1:15 lunch [Baker Center]
1:30-2:30 Section meetings [Morton Hall]
2:30-5:45 Joint meeting/ awards  (with a break in the middle) [Morton Hall]
6 Dinner [Nelson Court]
8-10 dance/fun [Grover Hall Gymnasium]

11 am -1 pm 'Color Wars' [McCracken Field]

*Wait a second! Sectionals is all this fun stuff?! Can I still register??*
Yes you can, but it is $30 because it's after the registration deadline.

*I have more questions*
Feel free to email us--interchapter at aphiodeltagamma@gmail.com

Inter-chapter Relations Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega Delta Gamma

Jamie Roberts
jr600809 at ohio.edu

Mesha Baylis
mb345109 at ohio.edu

Kayla Marks
*km221009 at ohio.edu*
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