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Mon Mar 11 00:53:01 EDT 2013

Hey bros! We know you love these emails lol anyways we just wanted to let
you all know the final info about the sweatshirt, sweat pants and tanks.
Also you are still able to sign up for *SKYZONE*, this Thursday (March 14)!

Now onto the SWAG!

The sweatshirt that won was the *Blue on Grey*. The Letters with Ohio
University under it on the front & The crest with 'Till the day we die'
under it on the back. The cost is $16. It is on the website so sign up!
We are adding 'Till the day we die' on the back.

The tank that won was the 'Keep Calm and Do Service' Tank! Here's the link:

[image: Front] [image: Back]
The cost is $14. Sign up on the website!
The sweat pants are still up on the website. They are blue with yellow
writing. Only $18.

If you have any questions, let us know! Sign up for skyzone! We will talk
more about all of this at Chapter tomorrow!



*Victoria Vincent*
*vv246109 at Ohio.edu
*VP of Fellowship*
Stephanie Snyder
*ss143310 at ohio.edu <am232009 at ohio.edu>*
*VP of Fellowship*
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