[Aphio-L] Fellowship hours, Holiday Party donations, & Cavs tickets

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Tue Dec 3 16:35:10 EST 2013

Hey guys!!

All the sign ins that we have received are up on the website right now!
 Make sure you check your hours to make sure you have 3! At least 2
fellowship hours and at least 1 family fellowship hour. If you are missing
any hours or have any sign ins to turn in, send us an email so we can
figure it out!

If you don't have your fellowship hours yet, you still have opportunities
to get them.  There is are family events, a Hanukkah Party and slice night
tomorrow, the Holiday Party on Sunday, and study tables next week.  Don't
forget that you can also go to another family's event for a regular
fellowship hour, but it won't count as a family hour for you.  You can also
get together with 3 other people for at least an hour to receive a
fellowship hour.

There is also an opportunity to receive a service hour for donating food to
the Holiday Party.  There are at least 10 more spots for people to sign up
to donate food! Check the website for details on what is needed. It's
listed on December 8th on the calendar, right before the Holiday Party!!

If you are interested in going to the Cleveland Cavs game on January 5th,
sign up on the website before it locks on December 8th.  You also will need
to contact me (Stephanie) before you leave for break to give me the $19 for
the tickets.  I will need to send a check for the order by December 10th.

If you have any questions or concerns, hit us up.

 Have a good week and good luck on finals!


*Victoria Vincent*

*vv246109 at Ohio.edu <vv246109 at Ohio.edu>**614.634.1115*
*VP of Fellowship*

*Stephanie Snyder*
*ss143310 at ohio.edu <am232009 at ohio.edu>*
*VP of Fellowship*
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