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Sun Dec 1 23:57:34 EST 2013

Evening all!

My apologies for not being at chapter, unfortunately I had to stay at work
later than expected tonight. This email is just  reminder that if you are
short on service hours you only (realistically) have this week to make sure
you reach your minimum amount of 13. If you are relying on extra 5k, SW or
Fundraising hours to complete your  service hour total, please remember you
can only roll over 2 hours from each set of hours.

If you have not received at least 10 service hours so far, please respond
to this message so we can help you reach your total. We are more than happy
to help you out as long as you  In addition if you are OK as far as service
hours go, please try and refrain from signing up for events that have
limited spaces this week.  This is so we give those who need those hours
opportunities to earn them.



*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

* Robert Burke         Allison Barwacz937.239.3104             440.212.8108*


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