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ONLY 27 DAYS UNTIL GKTW 5K/1 MILE WALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’re getting so excited and we hope all of you are training away ; )
Remember everyone needs at least 2 5k hours!

Tonight we are having our first letter writing party twenty minutes before
chapter, just bring 5 stamps and 5 addresses (these addresses can either be
family members or businesses from your hometown that might donate!).

Sign ups for envelope donations are on September 28th (Try and get them to
one of us as soon as you can!) (Get close to $10 worth)

Also, we were thinking of having Sunday runs for people who want to start
training and we can all run together on the path. Email back if this is
something you would be interested in doing. Below are a couple of training
schedules I found online!

4 week, 5k training schedule:

(for starters) 5k in one month schedule:

5k tips: http://www.fitsugar.com/5K-Running-Tips-16475897

Email/Text us/Beep us if you have ANY questions, comments, or ideas!

*5k Co-Chairs*
Alpha Phi Omega

 *Chelsea Arnold*
ca228009 at ohio.edu

*Colleen Meder*
cm224510 at ohio.edu

5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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