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Gebhardt, Marissa mg172009 at ohio.edu
Tue Sep 4 00:07:56 EDT 2012

Also, I'm an idiot and realized the second week listed is Christmas, and I don't really know why anyone would want to go on Christmas/their closed.  Soooo just cross that week off of the list, and pick another week. :)

ALSO - I have contacted SBP about the first week (17-21) because their website lists this week as near-capacity, so I wanted to contact them about that week just in case it was the one we chose.  So, if anyone would definitely be interested in that week, let me know. :)  (The last winter break trip, we left the first weekend after finals.  I enjoyed that, because then you have the rest of break to relax instead of breaking it up and making it seem shorter.  But that's just my personal opinion. :)  Anyways, enough rambling...)

Sorry for all the confusion/e-mails!  Happy week 2! :)

Marissa Gebhardt
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