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Chapter Minutes 5/13/12

Guest Speaker:

   - Student Senate Reach: Zach George, Amrit Saini and Evan Ecos:
   Representing your voice! Tabling a baker and college gate. Want to make
   advising better, use meals off campus, and have better safety on campus.
   Vote on May 17th! Check out reach4ou.com
   - YOU Student senate: Want to make student senate known and use a lot of
   social media, campaigning on an OU students budget, check out their
   facebook and twitter!
   - Go out and vote this Thursday!


   - See me after chapter if you didn’t see me before: Theo Andrus,
   Victoria Calderon, Danielle Douglas, Tracy Gundy, Brianna McTaggert,
   Madison Vassari, Lauren Ellior, Laura Montag, Myranda Owca, Brittany Wisecup
   - OU Lancaster branch would like to start their own chapter, you’re
   invited to help with the petitioning and will get service hours for it!
   - This wednesday: 7pm in Walter Rotunda is Senior Sendoff/Awards
   Banquet. This is a MANDATORY event, sign up on the website, email me or see
   me after chapter if you have any questions/issues
   - DSK (Chapter Distinguished Service Award) The Chapter Distinguished
   Service Key will be presented to one of the graduating seniors in
   recognition of their service to our fraternity. The executive board has
   voted and it has been narrowed down to four of our outstanding graduating
   members. This award is presented to the member that has distinguished
   themselves in our chapter through their commitment to leadership,
   friendship and service.
   - Given away to one senior who most deserves it. We nominated four
   seniors we feel are worthy of the award. Everyone votes on one person they
   feel exemplifies the principles of Aphio, this person should be a leader in
   all situations, a friend to all and does service above all else. You do NOT
   have to vote for anyone if you don’t feel like they are qualified.
   - Nicole Ntumba pledged winter 2010. She has accumulated 139 hours of
   service with our chapter. She has been a family head in the chapter and has
   run for multiple exec board positions. She has participated in 21 hours of
   fellowship during her time as an active.
   - Renee Lewis pledged spring of 2009. She has accumulated 131.5 hours of
   service with our chapter. She held the treasurer position for 2 years with
   our chapter and has participated in 36 hours of fellowship during their
   time as an active member and was a leader in her aphio family.
   - Sidney Lawlor pledged fall of 2010. They have accumulated 109.5 hours
   of service with our chapter. She has run for multiple exec positions, was a
   family head and has participated in 22 hours of fellowship during their
   time as an active member.
   - Steph Bricklebak pledged spring 2009. They have accumulated 125 hours
   of service with our chapter. She held the service vp position with our
   chapter and has participated in 17 hours of fellowship during their time as
   and active member.


- Question of the week: What would you like to see happen at next year’s
Relay for life?


   - Elections: Vote on the ballots, not a notecard, please mark who you
   want to vote for by placing an ‘x’ in the box to the left of their name
   - The process: Each nominee has 2 minutes to speak, the current position
   will ask a question as well as anyone else who wants to ask one, the
   nominee will leave the room, Brothers will have a chance to present their
   pros/cons of the nominee in supports of, or against, them being elected
   into the position, keep the comments related to the position and try not to
   repeat comments that have already been mentioned.
   - Nominations: Relay: Danielle Fultz and Robert Burke
   - Elections: Inter-Chapter: Kayla Marks, Mesha Baylis, Faculty Pageant:
   Rachel Levine, Ciara Strittmather, Relay: Sara Beyoglides, Danielle Fultz,
   Robert Burke, Youth Service: Kayleigh Bendarski, Hallie Mackenzie


- $50 this week! $55 next week then you will be inactivated!


   - ATCO Movie Night: Tuesday, Meet in Morton parking lot for rides
   - Herb Gardner Guild: Friday, Bring gardening tools if you own them
   - Watermelon Bust: Still need 3 people to have a full team!
   - Only 4 donation hours per quarter
   - Only 4 mandatory service project hours count
   - Give us your sign ins!
   - Missing Sign ins: Calliope 3/26, 4/2, 4/23, 5/2, 5/7, 5/9, Walk MS
   chalking, Walk MS set up, Walk MS, Hats for Heads 4/25, Research expo, ATCO
   5/1, Good Earth Farm, Clothing Exchange, Blood Drive, WOUB


   - Membership Picnic! May 20th 3-7pm at Strouds, who can drive?!?!?!
   - Food: Theta bring side dishes, Pi bring fruit, Lambda bring veggies,
   Epsilon bring silverware, Nu bring fruit, Zeta bring napkins, Beta bring
   chips, Rho $3 for meat, Sigma bring drinks and cups, Omicron bring napkins,
   Mu bring veggies, Kappa bring plates, Eta bring plates, Iota bring buns.
   - Rush t-shirts only 45 people? Sign up on the website! 2 deals/2
   different designs, either way price will be UNDER $10
   - Speaking of Rush... Interview committee! Email will be sent out this
   week with application, what you would be doing on the committee, ect. You
   will get all your committee hours done in 3 days so make sure you sign up
   if you know you are available
   - Binders: Send your binder info to
binders.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.comwith your name, year, hometown,
major, email, birthday, family, also send a
   new picture if you don’t like the old one, due at the end of the week!


   - Pay for jerseys $13 and Vnecks $17, if you are signed up on the
   website, you are expected to pay!
   - Picnic May 20th, food, fun, canoes, music
   - Ninth Inning May 30th, food, fun, prizes
   - Field Day June 2nd or 3rd, food, fun competition, prizes
   - Family heads, don’t forget to work with your family to get desserts
   for awards banquet and for the picnic, keep planing events!
   - Turn in sign ins!
   - Every family head must plan 3 events


   - THANK YOU! You all helped make Relay as success! We couldn’t have done
   it without you!
   - If you weren’t at Relay/didn’t get your t-shirt find us up front after
   - If you want a moms weekend t-shirts we have them too


   - Look out for a bake sale on the website this week! Make us some
   delicious baked goods to sell
   - Don’t forget if you buy 2 sunglasses you get an hour!

Youth Service

   - Boxtops! 10 boxtops = 1 hour, you can only do this once a quarter,
   please have your name on them, find us after chapter to hand them in


Service week

   - Contact is with any service week ideas, we would love to hear from
   - Look out for a survey coming soon
   - Committee look out for an email early this week about our next week


   - Monday 8-10pm Jenn will be in O’blenness (her room) if you want to
   stop by and record senior send off videos. (Sorry thats the only time/place
   - Tuesday 1-4pm room 401b in Alden
   - You must send me your own videos by tuesday at midnight!



- Be careful of what you put on social media about aphio, watch out for
those hashtags.

- Brother of the week: Lynde Devlin


   - Don’t forget to sign up for the awards banquet this wednesday if you
   are only able to come for an hours thats ok!
   - Awards committee please meet after chapter for a brief meeting
   - Happy Birthday to: Laura Montag, Allie O’Neill and Myranda Owca!


   - Binder committee please meet Jackie after chapter
   - Give Victoria $$$
   - Talk to Sarah if you want to go to Lancaster! 3 service hours

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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