[Aphio-L] girl scout cookies

Suhr, Julie suhr at ohio.edu
Mon Feb 27 08:37:01 EST 2012

Hi all, if you ordered girl scout cookies at chapter a few weeks back, THEY ARE HERE!!!    I have them all in my office (250 Porter) if you want to pick them up either call me at 593-1091 to arrange a time or email me suhr at ohio.edu<mailto:suhr at ohio.edu>.  My office hours are 9 to 10 am every day, but I am usually in my 8, so a good time to catch me is 8 to 10 am, but I can also arrange other times.  They are $3.50 a box, and exact change is appreciated...if you can't remember what you ordered just drop me an email.  Also, I will bring them to chapter again next Sunday to deliver any remaining ones that haven't been picked up.

Have a super great Monday!

Julie Suhr

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