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Dani Garfield interchapter.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 15:31:25 EST 2012

Hey guys!

Sectionals are at Miami of Ohio (barf..just kidding, kind of) from March
23rd to the 25th. That's the last weekend of our spring break, but if
you're not going anywhere..SERIOUSLY CONSIDER GOING. If we get the
registration forms postmarked by March 2nd, the cost for the conference is
$35 per person, $41 if you want a t-shirt. So let's aim for that to keep
costs down!

Remember that we are working with fundraising and the scholarship account
to help make these conferences more affordable. The cost of the hotel is
probably going to be around $120 per night per room (4-5 people in a room)
and then we would have to pay for gas as well. There is a banquet Saturday
night, but we would be responsible for anything we want to eat Friday, for
Saturday lunch, and for Sunday breakfast. When we went to regionals, the
cost wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be thanks to fundraising!
So please don't let cost deter you from going!

Another thing to keep in mind is that we are presenting a bid to host the
next sectionals (it would be spring of 2013) here at OU! We basically do
something funny (a skit, a little song, etc) to get the audience's
attention and then present a powerpoint (we may possible have a video as
well) that talks about what we plan to do and how awesome our school is and
then the voting delegates vote.

you want to be a voting delegate, let me know and we will cover the cost of
your registration fee (you'll still have to pay initially, but you'll be

I will actually be in NOLA for spring break, but some other bros will be
leaving from Athens and I will meet you guys in Miami and I'll be there for
the conference. We really want a decent number of people to go b/c 1.
conferences are SOOOO much fun and a great chance to bond with your bros!
and 2. we're putting in a bid and want to get everyone as excited about our
chapter and we are!

I put an event on the website which will close *this saturday*. If you're
interested in going, PLEASE sign up so I can get a count, b/c we need to
book hotel rooms fast.

If you have any questions feel free to email, facebook, tweet, call, or
send smoke signals my way.

in LFS,

Dani "I can't put my whole fist in my mouth..wanna see?" Garfield
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