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Hello Brothers a few things not mentioned at chapter

1. Athens Beautification Day, If you are signed up on our website, sign up
on ABD website at athensbday.eventbrite.com. You wont get any work unless
you sign up

2. RAY of HOPE is back, Ray of hope is a donation program for a
food/shelter pantry in the area. They take nonperishables (toilet paper,
clothing, toothbrushes, noodles). Bring donations to chapter and we will
take them. remember you can only get 4 donation hours.

3. Passionworks: Thank you for listening to the girl from passionworks
speak tonight. We will have her 5 dollar raffle tickets at the upcoming
chapters.If you buy one you will get a service hour and you get the
opportunity to win a passionworks flower.

4. Last call for GKTW, if you want to go, shouldnt cost 200 if you help
fundraise. Email eh151607 at ohio.edu for information. Its really really fun.
Also those who are going, we are trying to collapse the trip into one week
since the second weeks numbers are so low. Please let Eric know if you can
go week 1 or if there is an issue. Join the facebook group here

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Eric Horton           MacKenzie Snyder
740.243.5267        614.202.1530


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