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Chapter Minutes



   - 2 Guest speakers
   - Dara Walburn: Home Party consultant for passion works: can come to you
   house and host a party to talk about passion works and why you should be a
   part of it. Williams Syndrome awareness, missing 7th chromosome. Selling
   raffle tickets $5 each for a passion works flower. Buy a raffle ticket
   and/or contact her for information about having a party at your house
   - The Templeton Scholarship: School Supply Drive: April 30th to May 11,
   many locations including little professor, college bookstore, university
   bookstore, Nelson, Jeff and Boyd Markets and Baker 339. Working out a
   system of when and where to drop off supplies to get hours.
   - Relay: Lauren Eliot has dropped from her position as relay chair, if
   you would like to help they need it, contact Jenn and Sarah
   - Come get your certificates and member cards!!!
   - Need me call me! 440-665-1019


- Suggestion Box: What can we do to make ourselves more available to our
bros? Office hours?


   - You still owe us grades: Alyssa Pasicznyk, Ashley Koenig, Colleen
   Hicks, Eve Mulach, Kate Bargerhuff, Madison Vassari, Matt Kill, Paula
   Stofcho, Sara Bergman, Shauni Bobbs, Andrew Scott, Cassie Hoose, Curran
   Rhodes, Justin Brown, Katelyn Crabtree, Marc Robisch, Miranda Williams,
   Rachel Meyer, Sarah Dauerman.
   - You have till midnight to send in your grades or else you will be


   - Dues are $35 this week and $40 next week


   - Beacon Ice Cream Social: Thursday April 26th, make sundaes, play with
   kids, clean up
   - Race for a Reason: Sunday April 28th, Mud Run, 5K, or triathlon
   - UCM Fundraising Dinner: May 11th, set up, serve, childcare and clean up
   - Saturday UCM Hocking River Clean up, might be walking instead of
   - Athens Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic: Saturday April 28th, shifts
   run from 8:45am to 7pm, assist with dogs and cats as they are dropped off,
   help take care of them after surgery, cleaning, and giving owners
   post-surgery instructions
   - Beacon Car Wash: Saturday May 5th shifts 11-2, help Beacon students
   wash cars and raise money for preschool graduation
   - Car-Fit: Saturday May 5th, training at 9am, event starts at 11,
   car-fit allows older adults to see how well they ‘fit’ into their car with
   mirror and steering wheel placements, head restraints, ect. Need 5
   - Reminders: If you get more than 1 fundraising hour, the rest will
   count as service
   - At the end of the minutes and our emails is an link to the service map
   with directions to all the places we do service with.
   - Weeklies are up
   - GKTW: Quick meeting after chapter, bring your money, come ask
   questions if you still want to go


   - Binders: Send us your info to binders.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com,
   picture, name, major, email, hometown, year, and birthday
   - Big/Little Appreciation Day: Thursday April 26th 12-5 in Baker 512,
   come enjoy baked goods made by your lovely bros, make little gifts/cards
   for your little, take them out to dinner, coffee, ect. most importantly
   - Membership Picnic: Sunday May 20th, sign up online, sandwiches
   provided by Kisers, sides and drinks provided by families, that means its
   going to be super cheap! Free canoes, lots of food, and countless memories


   - Easter Egg Hunt: Wednesday April 25, 5pm
   - Field Day: May 6th 12:30-4, McCracken Fields, we know a lot of people
   have issues with this time because its Mom’s weekend, we are trying to push
   it to later in the day if we can find a space if not just bring your moms!
   - Membership/Fellowship Picnic
   - Jersey’s: We can change the font color and design but only one color
   on the jersey, if you don’t like the design please send in a different one,
   you can design one at customink.com
   - APO Gear: If we can find a lower price for the V-necks or jreseys
   we’ll let you know, if not we will be collecting money next week, V-necks
   $17, Jerseys $13, you can still sign up on the website!


   - May 11-12th if you come for more than 4 hours you can get a fellowship
   hour! This does not mean that you have to walk for all 4 hours just come
   hang out!
   - Interested in doing Why I Relay? Email our account!
   - Schedule: 6-7: Hope (purple everywhere), 7-8: Inside out clothing,
   8-9: Band- Burning River Ramblers, 9-10: Luminary Ceremony, 10-11: Memorial
   Lap, 11-12: Miss Relay Contest & Cross dress, 12-1: Dave Rave & Rave Lap,
   1-2: Dave Rave & Conga Line, 2-3: Misc Games & OU spirit lap, 3-4: Zumba
   &Dance, 4-5: Fear Factor, 5-6: Scavenger Hunt, 6-7: Games- Newlyweds or
   American Idol & 3 legged race, 7-8: Yoga & PJ’s, 8-9: Most creative Trash
   bag, 9-10: Children’s Cancer Lap/Toy Drive
   - Mom’s weekend: 12 days away! Sign up for Chippendales!
   - Relay Team T-Shirts, sign up on the website for your size or else
   you’ll get a large
   - Sign up for our team online! Only 15 people so far- if 75% of you are
   signed up online before chapter i’ll give everyone a hug, otherwise no
   hugs, ever.
   - Once you create a page you can share on facebook and send your family
   and friends emails to donate to your page, and easy virtual way to
   fundraise. 10 Emails=1hours, must email us a screen shot of your emails
   - What is Luminaria? $10 in honor or memory of someone, used in the
   Luminaria Ceremony
   - Luminiaria Tabling: Tuesday April 24, 12-3, 1st Floor Baker, Thursday
   April 26, 12-3, 1st Floor Baker, sign up online
   - Letter Writing Tuesday at 9 in Walter W115, bring 5 stamps and
   addresses for a quick and easy hour


   - Don’t forget about Red Brick Serving and eating this Thursday April
   26th, bring your friends! There are still slots open for serving, if you
   have never served before they’ll help you out
   - Look out for ice pop sale on the website for this wednesday or
   thursday on south beach
   - FYI: any fundraising you do after the one mandatory hour rolls over
   into regular service hours!


   - Committee meeting this week
   - Selling pizza next week so come hungry
   - Selling red ribbons

Youth Service

   - Kids Fest: Thanks for your help!
   - Box Tops: We want them, 10=1 hour, make sure your name is on them,
   only do it once per quarter
   - Camp Quality: In Akron Ohio, camp training June 9 or June 24, camp
   dates July8-July 14, application process: need drivers license, insurance
   card, family Dr.’s info, 3 references other than family and their address
   and phone number, $5 application processing fee. Still unsure of cost but,
   its in Ohio, gas money won’t be bad and can carpool, it’s state funded so
   fees should be minimal, still getting in contact with people about pricing.
   You can also pick the age group you would like to be paired with. If you’re
   interested find us after chapter or email Rachel at rl175109 at ohio.edu


   - AphiO Delta Gamma FB Group: What is this group for? selling/getting
   rid of furniture, asking people to cover your shift, asking for help from
   your bros, inviting people over to hang our for some sober fun. I need to
   invite you or you need to ask to join so add Jenn Branch on FB
   - Senior Send Off- Tuesday 1-3 Baker Ballroom, Wednesday: 6-7 Baker
   Ballroom, make sure you’re writing your favorite seniors letters
   - Committee: InDesign Lesson: Wednesday, 7-8 meet in front of Alden, if
   you missed our last meeting come see me after chapter


- Be my co-chair!


   - Brother of the week: Sarah Norman
   - Send your service/fellowship pictures to us!
   - Facebook: Alpha Phi Omega- Delta Gamma
   - Twitter: @aphiodeltagamma


   - Senior superlative voting will take place next chapter!
   - Happy Birthday to Ashley Angelo, Taylor Carney, and Kelly Aker!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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