[Aphio-L] Who Loves Cake?

Miller, Kaylee km100608 at ohio.edu
Mon Sep 12 16:23:09 EDT 2011

Hey bros!
So my roommate, in Delta Sigma Pi, sent me a message asking for my help, and I figured there is nobody better to get help from than my lovely fraternity! Here's the message she sent me:

My business frat is teaming up with Passion Works (the art studio in athens for mentally and physically handicapped artists) to do a cake auction to raise money. All you would have to do is sign up to donate a cake and then people will bid on it. It doesn't have to be real fancy or anything just something representing your organization that shows you guys are helping the community! I would really appreciate it.

So pretty much if any of you love baking, APhio can donate as many cakes as we would like, and we can make Alpha Phi Omega look even better than we already do! Whoever wants to make one, and maybe an extra or two for me since I brought up the idea to you guys just saying :), are welcome to! I even see on the registration form that we could have a cake fight? I'm sure Aphio would rock at a cake fight. I attached the registration form she gave me in case any of you want to look at it or give it to anyone else you know.

If you any of you guys are interested, please shoot me an email! Thanks!

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