[Aphio-L] Mini-Service Trip

Levine, Rachel rl175109 at ohio.edu
Sun Oct 23 16:31:49 EDT 2011

Ok, December 16th-17th OU-Chillicothe is hosting a FLL Robotics tournament.  I showed a video about it at chapter near the beginning of the quarter and already had some interest from the following people (Let me know if you're still interested):

  *   Mackenzie Snyder
  *   Sidney Lawlor
  *   Jordin Shannon
  *   Mara Hasenstaub
  *   Maggie Lawlor
  *   Katelyn Crabtree

If there is more interest, I can take up to 5 more people.  And the best part of this trip, is IT'S FREE.  You just have to make it to Chillicothe!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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