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Happy Sunday!!!

Chapter is the same place (Morton 201) same time (8pm) however it will be
running a bit differently. Chapter will be run by the Ombudsman. Beth and
Lowell will be conducting the meeting trying to get your opinions on how to
improve the chapter. We have heard your concerns about how AphiO is running
and we have tried to change things but its apparently not working. So at the
last exec meeting we decided this will be the best way to get your opinions
on how to change things for the better of the chapter. We are looking for
your opinions on what you want to see done or changed to make chapter
better. We are also looking for constructive criticism, keep in mind that
simply telling us what is wrong with chapter or what we are doing wrong
doesn't help us as much as telling us ways you think we can change what we
are doing.

During chapter the exec board will not be present. We will be having a
separate exec meeting to figure out how we can work better together, and you
guys will be free to say whatever is on your mind. Brianna will also be at
the meeting to keep minutes so we can know what you said so we can implement
your changes. We will assume you want to remain anonymous unless you tell
Brianna otherwise.

Also since this is during chapter time we will still be taking attendance,
and at the end of chapter the execs will re-join and sing the toast song.
This meeting is intended to get ideas on how chapter can be better and
everyone can get back the spark of AphiO! So please come with ideas, and see
you tonight!



Jonathan Zakrajsek
Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Gamma
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