[Aphio-L] Don't Forget Your Change!

AphiO Delta Gamma Youth Service youthservice.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 16:26:28 EDT 2011

Hey everyone!

We have the update right now of where the families stand with money!

*Kappa: -$.99*
*Iota: -$.72*
*Eta: -$.16*
*Pi: $1.46*
*Lambda: $.40*
*Epsilon: -$.93*
*Nu: -$.88*
*Mu: $.00*
*Omicron: $.95*
*Theta: -$2.95*
*Sigma: $1.03*
*Rho: $.16*
*Zeta: -$1.09*
*Family Pi is in the lead! So remember to bring in your change everyone and
let the family change wars continue! Our Santa Tree Family is counting on us
to make this the best Christmas ever for them :)*

Andrea Korman and Rachel Levine

Youth Service
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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