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Tue Nov 15 15:26:01 EST 2011

Hey guys!
I apologize for this long email but please read it all its very important.
Below is a list of sign ins that I am missing from this quarter.  Please
please please email me a sign in so I can complete the event. If I don't
get a sign in then I can't give people hours and I don't want to do that.

Second, as mentioned last night there is a co-chair spot open for
fellowship for next quarter, if anyone is interested then I would be more
than happy to meet with you sometime before break (I leave the 21st) to
talk about the position and all the awesome stuff we have coming up for
winter quarter aka FORMAL!!!!!! GET PUMPED!!!!!

Any-who here is a list of the sign ins I'm missing:

Sigma Fun Barn 10-9
Omicron Slice Night 10-12
Lambda Slice Night 10-19
Iota Movie Night 10-26
Kappa Slice Night 10-26
Omicron Study Tables 10-26
Lambda Coffee 11-1
Lambda Shivley Dinner 11-3
Pi Volley Ball game 11-3
Rho Zumba 11-3
Sigma Study Party 11-6
Pi Study Tables 11-8'
Zeta Slice Night 11-9
Lambda Stuffing making 11-10
Epsilon Chillin' 11-10

Please email me asap so I get can these hours up :) Also if you still need
a fellowship hour, this Thursday we are having wing night at B dubs so
people can get last minute hours.  Ill need the sign in for that as well
but keep in mind; if less than 4 bros show up to the event, you do not get
hours :( I hope you all have an awesome break! Feel free to contact me with
any questions, comments or concerns.


*Cody "Big Dawg" Romani *
*cr137309 at ohio.edu*
*VP of Fellowship*
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