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Subject: coupons for soldiers
 Hey everyone! So this isn't for service hours or anything BUT its a great
way to help out some soldiers and their families! In another organization
I'm collecting coupons to send to soldiers and their families on military
bases over-seas (Japan, Germany, South Korea, ect) and they can use up to 6
month old coupons in the base grocery stores! If you have any coupons that
you wouldnt mind giving me or if you'd like to get involved your self here
is the website:


 I think this is a super easy way for everyone to help out our soldiers
around the world! Email me back if youd like to put your coupons with the
coupons I will be sending! I will be doing this all year long so please
anytime email me:) ALSO Please dont print out coupons from the
internet..chances are they can do that too! Remember this isnt for hours
just a good deed!

Michelle Varney
ev279908 at ohio.edu

Melissa Pennington brought this wonderful idea to my attention!

Jonathan Zakrajsek
Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Gamma
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