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Tue May 10 15:58:23 EDT 2011

Hey Bros!

I know a lot of people (especially new actives, actives from the fall)
probably don't know what *Watermelon Bust* is so I want to let you all know
more about this *RIDICULOUSLY FUN* service opportunity that Aphio normally
participate in every spring.

This Sunday (May 15th) Lambda Chi Alpha frat is hosting their annual
Watermelon Bust, a battle-of-the-student-orgs type of service event where
you get to do way more then you ever considered doing with watermelons while
also helping the Southeastern Ohio food bank. Two amazing things for the
price of one, basically. Teams consist of 10 people (who each pay $10- so,
yes there is a price but it is worth it) who get to battle it out against OU
sororities and frats to be the Watermelon Bust champions! And as of this
year,* teams can be coed!* So guys can get their bust on too!

The event focuses on 3 different areas:

1.  Spirit: which counts at 25% of the total score. You get points for
having an Aphio cheering squad basically cheer our Bros on! Also, each team
gets to design/carve their own watermelon and the best design helps win this
2.  Service: Aside from your participation cashmonies going to the foodbank,
there is also a canned food drive with the team donating the most canned
foods winning that portion. So donate your canned food!
3.  Games: This is 50% of your point score and is what the Bust is all
about. Games this year include team vs. team:

1.    Tug of War

2.    Watermelon Eating Contest

3.    Watermelon Toss

4.    Watermelon Shooting

5.    Watermelon Hunt

6.    Watermelon Bowling

All of which are hilarious and make great pictures. (Seriously- see my
facebook album from the Bust last year.)

Interested? Sound fun? 'Cuz it is!

Now for the need to know info:

Like I wrote above, teams must have only 10 people, boy or girl, and a team
captain (who will be delivered the watermelon to carve) Every team member *must
*donate $10 and canned food (which go to the Foodbank, of course) on the day
of the event.

Check in for the event starts at 1 pm on the *South Green lawn*, with the
actual event starting at 2.30. You *MUST* be there before 2.30 however, so
teams have time to get together or else you automatically forfeit. The event
ends around 4 PM with an awards ceremony for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.

Sign ups for this are on the website and *close tomorrow (Wednesday)* at
four because I need to let Lambda Chi know. We need at least 10 people to
participate for 1 team. If we have more then that, I'll go from there with
diving the teams (we're all bros so it really doesn't matter what team
you're on- because you're fighting for your frat and get to hang out with
everyone anyways!) . If we have less than 10 people sign up, we can't
participate. :[

OH! And you get *2 service hours* for participating! BONUS.

I'm sorry this is last minute (and a long email) but I just got all the
information like...last night. Howevs, this is a great service opportunity
(ask around- people agree!) so better late then never!  Once the sign ups
close tomorrow, I'll further the participants more info because there is
stuff to sign and watermelons to carve. =]

Any questions/concerns, feel free to reply back or text me!

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Sarah Csongei

Stephanie Bricklebank

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