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Tue Mar 1 11:43:32 EST 2011

Hi everyone,

It's getting to be close to the end of the quarter and the website is nearly
completely up to date with everyone's hours.  For those of you who do not
have your hour yet, we're going to keep providing FUNdraising opportunities,
so don't fret!  Those of you who do have your hour or are under the
impression that you do, *check the website* and make sure that it is
recorded.  If not send us an e-mail and we can figure out what's going on
with that.  We'd rather figure out any issues now, instead of a few hours
before binders are due or at the end of the quarter when it's too late to
get an hour if you end up still needing one.

Again, *DO NOT add your own hours to the website*, they will be removed.  If
your hours are not on the website, then we might not have the sign in, or we
have it but haven't had a chance to update the website.  In this case,
adding your own hours, just creates a situation in which the same hour is
counted twice, and that can cause problems later, for instance if you have
11 hours and counting this "extra" FUNdraising hour that doesn't really
exist as your last service hour.  Also, if your hours are not appearing on
the website, it's possible that for some reason, you were not granted a
FUNdraising hour for that event (i.e. you didn't sign up on the website, you
didn't sign in at the event, etc).

If you have any questions about anything at all, concerns about upcoming
events, questions about why you may not have gotten a FUNdraising hour for
something, please feel free to contact us.

The FUNdraising Girls
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