Leigha and JP ouaphiomembership at gmail.com
Wed Sep 22 10:28:34 EDT 2010

Hey Guys,

Here is the list of everyone who is taking a big. We had to use alot of the
if needed people. Please take a look at the list, especially if you cannot
remember what you put. Just a reminder you can drop off gifts for your
littles at 77 North High Street up to 5:00 pm tomorrow Thursday! We will
also take them at initiation if you bring them early!!!! AKA not right
before we start! Please place a sticky note, or tag with your name and
family number on your gift so we can place it on the right pile and remove
your name before we give the gift to your little. Thank you again to
everyone who volunteered to take a big, and no one got more than one this
year!!!! Cant wait for Thursday! Let us know if you have any other


JP and Leigha!
Leigha Kristoff and Jonathan Zakrajsek
Membership VPs
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