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Hi Bros!
Thank you all so much for all your support at chapter tonight! (ps. I forgot to credit Laura with the idea of connecting with Community Food Initiatives (CFI)! It's a great one!) I'm so glad that many of you feel as strongly about this cause as I do.  Even if you do not necessarily have a connection to the cause, I am overwhelmed by your response to get involved.  If you did not get the sign up sheets I will bring them to chapter again next week.  I will eventually get in touch with you all and we will meet and discuss.

Some people have brought up concerns with nutritional values, labels and canned goods... THIS IS WHY I NEED YOU! Right now I'm just gathering ideas, but sometimes my ideas need some work and the good ones have to be separated from the not so good.  Just remember we need to start small and keep it kid friendly in order to have success!

If you missed my presentation or are interested in learning more about childhood hunger, at the bottom are the 3 websites I refer to most often and the videos I showed at chapter.

Next, please remember this is a sensitive topic and we need to be careful with our approaches.  If you share any information about the cause please keep this in mind.  "Johnny's" story is true but his name was changed to protect his identity.  Also, I am looking to present this to other student orgs. So, if you feel that any part of my presentation was not sensitive enough to the situation, I would like to know. (but when you're honest, be nice about it- please keep it CONSTRUCTIVE)

FINALLY please send all emails to me regarding getting involved or ideas or questions you have to athensbackpacks at gmail.com Also, if you have a personal connection and would like to share a story of someone you know who has struggled (or if you read a good one online) send it here! I'd love to hear it!



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