[Aphio-L] Chapter Minutes May 2, 2010: "You can't do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth." - Shira Tehrani

APhiO Secretary aphiosecretary at gmail.com
Mon May 3 00:21:45 EDT 2010

Ohio University

Alpha Phi Omega

Chapter – Delta Gamma

May 2, 2010 8:00 pm

Morton 201


   - Welcome! Sit with same colored shirts!  Meet someone new.
   - *Position of Youth Service:*
      - Perspectives from youth service chairs

§       Replace “execs” with committee heads – still elected by chapter

§       Serve year term:  Fall – Spring

§       Majority of chapter agrees to change from execs to committee heads

·      Interested in being youth service committee head next year?

·      Contact aphioyouthservice at gmail.com**

   - *FUNdraising:*
      - Upcoming:

§       Palmer Fest Hot Dog Sale At Leigha’s House – get excited!

§       2 Palmer Street – you know the house with the pretty wrap-around
porch?  yea… *not* that one.

§       FUNdraising Reminders:

·      Sign the sign-in

·      Contact them first – if you want to change shifts, can’t show up, see
an opening – but website is closed, etc.

·      fundraising.aphio at gmail.com

   - *Relay For Life:*
      - *Why I relay? Gina Mussio…*
      - *Round of applause for the wonderful volunteers!!*
      - *Thank you to the Chippendales! Made over $500!!!*
      - *Serious business:*

*§       Less than half way there to goal……*

*§       Come support fundraising events!*

*§       Some still haven’t signed up!  Remember to do this!*

*§       Questions, concerns, comments! aphiorelay4life at gmail.com*

   - *Service:*
      - Beautification Day – MOVED TO NEXT SUNDAY!
      - Extra help requested for Monday Lunch!
      - WOUB pledge drive
   - *5k for Good Works:*
      - Thank Yous
      - Help out thanking all of those that helped/donated for the 5k for
      Good Works! (made over $7,000!)
      - *Youth Service Idea:*
      - Bryn – student teacher – her experiences working in elementary
      - What’s in her backpack?

§       Scissors, glue, notebook, crayons, books, pencils, calculators,

§       *Doesn’t have lunch in her backpack…*

§       Breakfast/lunch programs at elementary schools

·      Need healthy foods for mental and physical health

·      Childhood food problems:

o Obesity

o Malnourished/starved

§       Nearly 17 million children are food insecure

·      What is being done?  Food banks, nutritional programs, etc.

·      1 in 5 children do not know where their next meal is coming from

·      What food is cheap?  What can these families buy?

§       How are children being affected?

·      Johnny’s Story

§       Video clips:

·      Ending Childhood Hunger – Witnesses to hunger….

§       Food backpack program: PB&J, dried milk, canned fruit/vegetables

§       Where can we go next?

·      Winter breaks/snow days

·      More schools, more families, more food

·      Books in backpacks

·      Partnering with CFI – Community Food Initiatives

·      Nutrition/Summer Programs

§       Contact Bryn!   bk604906 at ohio.edu

   - *Ombudsmen*;
      - Exec board update:

§       Jill is working on a service map – map of all service opps including
directions, pictures, and videos

§       J-board is investigating a reorganization to reduce the size of exec

§       Discuss Buddha – who he is and what his role is in the fraternity?

·      Official advisor – however, he is also a brother

·      Getting his Master’s Degree here at OU

·      Advisor role goes away at socials

·      Just wants to be friends – he is here for us; things needed to be
said, but not in the way that he delivered it

§       Understand Buddha’s position in advisor role – he wants to protect
our chapter charter

§       Contact them with questions ombudsmen.aphio at gmail.com

   - *Fellowship:*
      - Look for email about intramurals… Ping has ceiling problem due to
      - Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!!

§       7-9 pm  - Wednesday May 5th South Beach or McCracken– there’s going
to be a piñata!!

§       Food, games, brotherhood

   - Tie-dye shirts!

§       $5 by Wednesday

   - *Interchapter Relations:*
      - Fundraising opportunities:  $$$ for GOING TO NATIONALS!

§       Service Auction (silent auction)

·      Donate something and get a fundraising hour

·      Starts at 7:30 pm Sunday May 8th

·      Grilled cheese/hot dog sale

o May 15th – Mill Fest

   - *Rush:*
      - T-shirts..
      - “Bro hard or go home”

§       3-quarter length shirt - $12; currently gold and blue – may change…

§       Email/text Sarah t-shirt size rushaphio1 at gmail.com

§       Pre-paying will be a *requirement*

   - *Membership:*
      - Membership Cookout:

§       May 16th at 2 pm

·      1:45 – if you need a ride – meet @ Morton

§       Chapter will be at 4ish at Strouds Run

§       Family heads – email Leigha about cookout food

§       Need charcoal donations – quick light only please

§       Cornhole sets? Hillbilly golf?  Frisbees? Let them know!

   - Membership Clinic

§       May 18th 7-9:30 pm – Walter 135

§       APO Spark and Fun and Insightful

§       367,000

§       Quiz question every week about fun membership info…

§       What are the four goals of APhiO?

   - Contact ouaphiomembership at gmail.com
   - Birthdays
   - Happy Can
   - Announcements
      - Facebook Jax - Active that went on sabbatical…. She wants to get to
      know all the new actives!

§       Midnight Showing of Iron 2 – Thursday – let her know if you want to
join :)

   - Message from Treasurer  -*don’t forget dues*
   - Supportive Bro to Meghan Tinker – Top fundraiser for Relay!  Great job!
   - Adjourn
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