[Aphio-L] Pledge.T.Shirt.Money.ASAP.

Abdul-Karim, Sakinah sa112808 at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 10 21:55:11 EST 2010

 Hello future bros,

The t-shirts are all ready to go, but I still need money from about 25 of you guys. It is absolutely mandatory that you turn this money in, as the shirts are already ready (whenever I get the money I can finally give them to you guyss!) I will be at the sign-in for the faculty pageant with a list of the people who haven't paid me yet. If you know your name is on this list, bring your money tomorrow and pay for your shirt.  If not, there will be dire consequences. If you've already paid, disregard this, and thanks so much!


Sakinah Abdul-Karim
sa112808 at ohio.edu

Also, Austin will have a list as well, he'll be filling in for me from 6-7 before the pageant to collect the money!
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