Schottenstein, Anna as262006 at ohio.edu
Wed Mar 10 10:28:06 EST 2010

Hey Bros!

So over this past year the Red Cross club has be dwindling down. We are looking for new members who are looking to be leaders. There are lots of leadership positions that are open and I would love to see more Bros at the Red Cross club meetings and taking on leadership roles around campus. I know finals are next week but if you need a study break and are interested in  helping with blood drives and other Red Cross related activities then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to the meething this SUNDAY BAKER 3RD FLOOR from 6pm-7pm.  STUDY BREAK WITH ME ON SUNDAY AT 6?

Anna Schottenstein

Anna Schottenstein
Ohio University Womens Chorale, President
Ohio University College of Education Student Ambassador
Ohio University Alpha Phi Omega, Youth Service Chair
Ohio University Hillel, Executive Board
Ohio University Club Lacrosse, Philanthropy Chair
Ohio University American Red Cross, President
Ohio University College of Education, Integrated Social Studies

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